Please enjoy some Before & After pictures of some of our satisfied patients.

  • Periodontal disease with excessive staining
    Periodontal disease
    and staining
    1. Before
  • Bonding, Veneers, And Whitening
    Bonding, Veneers
    And Whitening
    1. After
  • Pulpitis resulting in dead nerve
    Stained Misaligned
    2. Before
  • Cuspid to Cuspid Veneers
    Cuspid to Cuspid
    2. After
  • Wrong Color Veneers
    Mismatched Wrong
    Color Veneers
    3. Before
  • Porcelain Ceramic Crowns
    Porcelain Ceramic
    3. After
  • Severe Grinding and Staining
    Severe Grinding
    and Staining
    4. Before
  • Bite Splint Therapy & Anterior Crowns
    Bite Splint Therapy
    and Anterior Crowns
    4. After
  • Tooth Fracture From Fall
    Central and Lateral
    Tooth Fracture From Fall
    5. Before
  • 3 Crown Restoration
    Crown Restoration of 2
    Central and 1 Lateral Tooth
    5. After

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5 Star Review"I feel I am in good hands with Dr. Tehrani and his staff. I was referred by a friend and have referred several friends and family members myself. I trust Dr. Tehrani to keep my best interests in mind and not suggest treatment that I don't need."

5 Star Review"I was in a special situation, having had another dentist COMPLETELY jack up several nerves in my mouth while trying to tend a tooth that had been cracked, needless to say it made things worse. Dr. Tehrani performed 2 root canals to fix the damage from the prior mentioned dentist, and the process was completely painless, minus some soreness afterwards which is expected. His staff was very, very professional and uber polite in meeting all my requests. I actually traveled from Austin back to Plano…"