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Look your best and brightest

Teeth whitening works by removing stains from the inside of your teeth to give you back that radiant, confident smile. We offer both in-office and at-home whitening to deliver that smile for any budget. For those seeking instant results, we recommend the #1 patient-requested whitening brand in the America, Phillips Zoom.

Why should I use professional whitening?

With Phillips Zoom, patients achieve on average 8 shades whiter teeth in one in-office visit. Our advanced Phillips Zoom equipment has adjustable intensity settings that maximizes results, while minimizing patient discomfort. In fact, 99% of patients experienced little to no discomfort when following post treatment instructions.

How does it work?

Zoom whitening uses a specially formulated bleaching gel that we apply directly to the teeth. Once applied, the Zoom lamp is directed to the teeth using heat and light to activate the gel for maximum results. This procedure may be repeated up to 3 times in 15 minute cycles. Results are long-lasting, immediate, and comfortably completed without anesthesia.

At-home whitening

For patients seeking a professional at-home alternative for brighter smiles, we offer bleaching trays which also show excellent results.

Follow-up care

Tooth and gum sensitivity is a common side effect of whitening. We recommend MI Paste or MI Paste Plus to help soothe sensitivity while providing nourishing minerals to tooth surfaces. MI Paste remineralizes teeth, protects sensitive nerve endings and helps prevent cavities by using special milk-derived protiens called Casein Phosphopeptide and amorphous calcuim phosphate (CPP-ACP).

Indications for MI Paste:
  • ○ High caries risk patients
  • ○ Dry mouth
  • ○ Orthodontic patients (during and after)
  • ○ Post bleaching
  • ○ Pediatric patients
  • ○ High plaque and special needs patients
  • ○ Oncology patients

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5 Star Review"they are always friendly and take great care to minimize any pain or anxiety. would recommend them to any one ."

5 Star Review"reat office. very friendly while still very professional. Willing to answer any and all questions. Could not be happier with my dental care. Thank you."